HUMM ep.

by Small Cat

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Recorded the summer of 2015, HUMM. is the culmination of hard work, passion, and introspection of a human being making her way through life.


released November 12, 2015

Vocals, Guitar, Clarinet, and Bells- Laura Lenhart

Recording/Mixing - Laura Lenhart

Mastering- Andrew Williams

Thanks to:
Ken and Annett Schwartz- for letting me borrow their dynamic microphones

Bill Ruhlen- for letting me borrow XLR Cables. I'll get them back to you one day.

Ryan Jurden- For letting me borrow the audio interface! (I'll get that back to you)

Andrew Williams- for trouble shooting, letting me borrow your condenser microphone, the opinions on my tracks, and mastering my tracks. You're pretty rad!

and finally, the parental units

Betsy and Terry Lenhart for having me as a daughter and encouraging me to be who I am today...

and also putting up with me recording at odd hours of the day and night. I love you guys



all rights reserved


Small Cat Columbus, Ohio

Carefully crafted folk music for pondering life.

~results may vary.~

~ Small Cat~ consist of Laura Lenhart and whatever instruments she can get her hands on.

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Track Name: October's Song
Head north
And watch the decades pass
I see my life
And how it’s changing fast
Numbers change with the point of view
I watch my feet and I think of you
Grass on the ground
Birds making sound
All around

And October comes around
Leaves are falling down
October comes around and the leaves are falling down

All the people
Driving fast
In their cars
Will it last
All the people
Like to roam
I’d love to talk
But their never home
On the road I see your face
Through the window shield

And October…

Seasons change
And so do I
The earth it moves
And that’s the reason why
Question Life
And God above
I want to live the way I used to love
I close my eyes
The world passes by

And October…
Track Name: Small Towns
Small Town’s active for it being midnight
I should be sleeping by now
Women are biking
And checking their emails
They should be sleeping by now

By now

Cars sail silent down quiet side streets
Their headlights caught by their homes
They sleep safely, while I sneak quickly
As I make my way back home

Back home

Crept to my bedroom
Slipped into bed
I should be sleeping by now
But I keep on thinking and the world keeps on changing
I thinking of where I will go

I’ll go

Small town living only thing I’ve known
Small Town living was my home
But I’ll be leaving in a few months time
To find a different piece of mind

Of Mind